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Ralph Hauke, MD, FACP

Ralph Hauke

About the Author:

Dr. Ralph Hauke, MD, FACP, began his medical career as a primary care physician, however a personal family experience and exciting research opportunities turned his sights on oncology.

Dr. Hauke's practice with Nebraska Cancer Specialists, with a location at Methodist Estabrook Cancer Center, includes the treatment of benign blood disorders as well as all malignancies. He ihas also focused his expertise on prostate, kidney, bladder and testicular tumors. He is actively engaged in research, both clinical and laboratory-based, and has written many of his own clinical trials. 

"I view my role in the care of patients with cancer as a partnership: to explain, as best as is possible, to each patient what they are facing, review the options available and assist them in selecting the best choice for their condition and personal priorities," said Dr. Hauke. "The care plan will emphasize different aspects depending on the goal and stage of the disease process, but always with the aim to preserve the dignity and quality of life of the individual and their family."

In his career, Dr. Hauke developed UNMC's urologic oncology program, and focused his clinical and research interests in tumors of the prostate, kidney, bladder and testes. His tenure at UNMC included developing the immunotherapy program with high dose IL-2 for the treatment of kidney cancer and melanoma. He also served as the chief of oncology at the Veteran’s Administration Hospital (Omaha), was a committee member that developed the national treatment guidelines of the NCCN for prostate and kidney cancers, and served on the CALGB urologic oncology subcommittee. 

Today, he's treating patients at Nebraska Cancer Specialists in Omaha.

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