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Jenene VandenBurg, MS, BSN-RN

Jenene VandenBurg

About the Author:

Jenene VandenBurg, MS, BSN-RN, is the patient safety lead at Methodist Hospital and Methodist Women’s Hospital. As a nurse and risk manager, VandenBurg feels she has the best of both worlds – by helping other health care professionals provide better patient care, she’s making a difference in every life they touch. 

VandenBurg loves being part of something bigger than herself and values the culture at Methodist.

“It’s one of inclusiveness,” she said. “When you come to work, you feel a genuine sense of compassion with every interaction. Methodist aims to be a positive force in the community and with its employees.” 

Coming from a family of health care workers, VandenBurg doesn’t remember a time when she wasn’t interested in health care. While it’s difficult to choose a favorite moment in her career, she recalls a powerful moment early on when a patient came back to the hospital after discharge to thank VandenBurg for the care and education she had provided her and her husband. 

“She had received a terminal diagnosis while in the hospital, and yet she came back to thank me,” VandenBurg said. “I felt so humbled and honored. That moment has driven me to always strive to do the best I can in everything I do in health care.” 

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