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Kelly Ethridge, MA

Kelly Ethridge

About the Author:

Kelly Ethridge, MA, is grateful that her marketing career brought her to Best Care EAP, where she could use her profession to help improve people’s lives. 

She said: “Hearing from clients that what we do helped them – ‘You saved my marriage. You saved me.’ It’s really powerful when someone comes up to you at a health fair and says those exact words.”

Ethridge started at Best Care EAP in 2011 and coordinates communication and promotional activities for Best Care client companies. 

“I remind people we all need to take care of each other,” she said. “If you see someone who needs help, tell them about Best Care EAP.”

In her free time, Ethridge volunteers with Make-A-Wish Foundation, decorating rooms of people going on Make-A-Wish trips and making scrapbooks of those wishes. 

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