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Christine Jeffrey, MD

Christine Jeffrey

About the Author:

As a young girl, Dr. Christine Jeffrey spent significant periods of time at the hospital visiting her grandfather and was amazed at the care and compassion provided to him in his final days. At the age of 6, she decided she wanted to be a doctor in order to provide the same level of care for others.

Today, her mission is to help people have a good understanding of how their body functions and what they can do in order to stay healthy.

"It's so rewarding to see the whole family unit and how everything ties together," said Dr. Jeffrey. "I enjoy taking a step back from the scientific side and really developing a relationship with my patients."

Dr. Jeffrey is a board-certified family medicine doctor at Methodist Physicians Clinic Regency. She attended medical school at the University of Nebraska Medical Center and completed her residency training at Clarkson Hospital.

In her free time, Dr. Jeffrey enjoys quality bonding time with her family, including her grandchildren. She also enjoys gardening, painting and fostering rescue dogs.

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