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Terry Coleman, MA, LIPC

Terry Coleman

About the Author:

Terry Coleman, MA, LIPC, is Clinical Services Manager at Best Care EAP. In his role, he oversees a staff of eight behavioral health counselors who provide short-term counseling to employees of contracted companies. His mission is to provide the highest quality care to those who seek our help. 

"It is truly inspirational when we receive feedback from a client whodescribes how the counselor helped," said Terry. "We have had people tell us the counselor 'saved their life' or 'saved their marriage,' or helped them understand they have worth. These are reasons one becomes a counselor."

In his spare time, Terry enjoys reading, travelling and especially spending time his grandson. A cancer survivor of 32 years, Terry has been a member of the Eastern Nebraska, Western Iowa Medical Reserve Corps for the last 8 or 9 years and regularly volunteers at his church.

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