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Aru Panwar, MD

Aru Panwar

About the Author:

As a cancer surgeon, Dr. Aru Panwar enjoys doing surgery and helping a patient beat cancer. But ask him what his most important goals are in any patient's treatment, and it is in finding therapy choices that best fit their individual circumstances and needs. He knows that each patient is so much more than a diagnosis, an x-ray or a biopsy result.

"The most important questions we ask are how do we best match and what we can offer to help a patient in their disease process with what they want to accomplish in their life span," said Dr. Panwar. "You have to have a sense of responsibility, ownership, empathy and a kindred spirit. What you recommend for a patient you should have no hesitation recommending for yourself or your family member."

Dr. Panwar says the relationship he builds with his patients is so special to him. He feels honored to be a part of his patients' journey and help them achieve the goals that are important to them.

Dr. Panwar attended medical school at the University College of Medical Sciences & GTB Hospital, completed his residency at Creighton University Medical Center and his fellowship at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. Today, he's treating patients at the Methodist Head and Neck Surgical Oncology Clinic.


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