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Katharine McLeese, MD

Katharine McLeese

About the Author:

Dr. Katharine McLeese's first major exposure to medicine came after she was involved in a motocycle accident that left her with a fractured pelvis. Impressed by the level of care she received from doctors and care staff, she vowed to one day provide the same for others. She believes the most important component of providing exceptional care is being a good listener and practicing good communication.

"There's an interesting intersection between the practice of the science of medicine and also how you relate to people and hearing their stories, and I really enjoy that," said Dr. McLeese. "Many patients come to a provider and they just want someone who will listen to them. Listening and understanding what their goals are is very important. That creates the foundation of a strong relationship that can build from there."

Dr. McLeese is an internal medicine doctor at Methodist Physicians Clinic Regency. She completed both medical school and her internal medicine residency training at the University of Chicago.

In her free time, Dr. McLeese enjoys horseback riding, often riding competetively as time allows.

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