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Chandy Lockman Hoke, MS, RD, CSO, LMNT

Chandy Lockman Hoke

About the Author:

As a board certified specialist in oncology nutrition dietitian at Methodist Estabrook Cancer Center, Chandy Lockman Hoke is dedicated to helping cancer survivors maintain proper nutrition before, during and after cancer treatment.

“I try to meet patients where they’re at and where their challenges are,” said Chandy. “Once we manage the side effects of a patient’s treatment, we can focus implementing nutrition best-practice guidelines. It’s about setting them up for the best possible outcomes and keeping them strong for where they are in their cancer journey.”

Nutrition services at Methodist Estabrook Cancer Center are offered free of charge through Harper's Hope to all those diagnosed with cancer, no matter where they receive their treatment. Receive nutritional consultation with a certified clinical oncology dietitian who provides eating tips, recipes and help with supplements.

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