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Susan Westcott, MD

Susan Westcott

About the Author:

Dr. Susan Westcott cares deeply for her patients, and wants each of them involved in short and long term planning. A breast cancer survivor since 1995, her goal is to ensure patients stay up to date with health screenings, ranging from immunizations and blood work to breast evaluations and bone density scans.

"I really work with the patients to take care of their acute care needs as well as help them look at the long-range," said Dr. Westcott. "They may come in for a single problem or exam, but there's a bigger picture and I try to get them to look at that."

Dr. Westcott specializes in the gynecologic treatment of teens and adolescents at Methodist Physicians Clinic Women's Center, located on the campus of Methodist Women's Hospital.

In her free time, Dr. Westcott enjoys creating memories with her family. An avid scrapbooker, she is meticulous in preserving the memories she and her family have formed over the years. She also enjoys the outdoors, frequently looking for new bike trails to explore.

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