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Jean Armstrong, RN

Jean Armstrong

About the Author:

Jean Armstrong is a registered nurse and manager for Family and Community Health Resources at Methodist Jennie Edmundson Hospital since 1996. She has also served as the Coordinator of the Shaken Baby Task Force since 1997.

"What I love about my job the most is meeting patients, their families and all the wonderful people at health fairs, health screenings and presentations I do in the community," said Jean. "When I travel to local high schools to educate on the prevention of shaken baby syndrome, I know if I can save just one infant’s life today to prevent a tragedy, it’s all worth it.”

Born and raised in Omaha, Jean has worked as a nurse in many different health care settings before landing her present position at Methodist Jennie Edmundson Hospital. 

Jean and her husband Bob live in Southwest Omaha and have two grown sons. They love traveling to their oldest son's home in Kansas City to take in a Royals game and visiting their younger son and daughter-in-law in Omaha. In her free time, Jean enjoys walking, gardening, traveling and taking part in any type of outdoor activity. 

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