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Todd Sauer, MD

Todd Sauer

About the Author:

As medical director of palliative care and hospice at Methodist Hospital, Dr. Todd Sauer believes communication and education are key to helping patients and families make important decisions about their own medical care.

"I think many people find health care and making decisions about their health care very intimidating," said Dr. Sauer. "It's my goal as a physician to educate my patients so they can make the choices that fit in with their health care goals. It sounds cliche, but I really did go into medicine to help and educate people. That's important to me."

Articles by this author...

Methodist Health System

Healthcare Decisions Day: The Most Powerful Conversation You Need to Have

Today's Medicine

Monday, April 16th is Healthcare Decisions Day. It’s a day when we talk about the importance of having advance directives – the paperwork that lets health care providers know your medical wishes and appoints someone to speak for you should you be unable to speak for yourself.   

Methodist Health System

Hospice Care is Quality of Life Care

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Hospice is really about meeting people's care needs and providing necessary support.