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Charlene Hills, LCSW, LIMHP

Charlene Hills

About the Author:

Charlene Hills, LCSW, LIMHP, has been a counselor with the Methodist Hospital Community Counseling Program for more than a decade. In high school, she was always the one her friends turned to for advice, so becoming a counselor was a natural step. Today she works with middle schoolers, an age group she enjoys helping because of all the changes they’re going through.  

“I liked the idea of working with preteens and adolescents and being able to have a positive impact in their lives,” she said. “They’re in the stage of moving away from young childhood and are beginning to try to figure out who they are, figuring out peer relationships, wanting to be more independent and taking on more responsibility.”  

Hills loves working in a school so she’s accessible to young people beyond regular counseling sessions. She values trust above everything else, and she wants the young people she works with to know she’ll always listen and will never judge them.

“I want them to know that I’m there to help them, which includes helping them get to a place where they feel good and confident about themselves,” she said.

Hills received her bachelor’s in psychology at Doane University and her Master of Social Work from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. In addition to working with middle schoolers, she provides counseling for adults at Hanscom Park United Methodist Church. 

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