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Maria Vacha, DO

Maria Vacha

About the Author:

Dr. Maria Vacha is a family medicine physician at Methodist Physicians Clinic Regency

Previously a theatre major, Dr. Vacha fell in love with the idea of medicine during her first pregnancy. She met an obstetrician who encouraged her to follow her dreams of “really making a difference in the world.”

Dr. Vacha brings a holistic approach to providing care at Methodist, realizing her patients are more than just bodies that need to be taken care of. She also considers their minds and souls when devising treatment plans.

“Being effective in what you’re doing and how you’re caring for someone is really understanding that whole dynamic of a person,” she said.

She received her medical degree from Oklahoma State University College of Osteopathic Medicine and completed her residency at Clarkson Family Medicine in Omaha.

Interested in all areas of fitness, she lifts weights every day and in her free time, she enjoys swimming, running and biking. She even completed an Ironman Triathlon at the end of her first year of medical school. A mother of two, Dr. Vacha also enjoys spending time with her children, cooking and reading.

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