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Ruth Nekonchuk, RD, CDE, LMNT, LD

Ruth Nekonchuk

About the Author:

Ruth Nekonchuk, RD, CDE, LMNT, LD, is a diabetes educator and dietitian with Methodist Physicians Clinic. She educates patients and families on nutrition and other health-related topics so they can maintain and improve their health.

“I believe listening to a patient’s stories and concerns helps in motivating them to take small steps toward building better health,” she said. “I remember that each person is unique and needs to be treated that way.”

Nekonchuk has been with Methodist Health System for over 30 years and still finds plenty of motivation.

“I’m inspired by each patient’s successes in overcoming barriers to their health,” she said. “When someone returns with improvement in their numbers or physical health, or they’re just feeling better, I’m inspired to help another patient have that experience.”

Outside of work, the Iowa State alumna enjoys being a grandma, gardening, doing Bible studies and rooting for the Cyclones.

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