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Brian Couse, MD

Brian Couse

About the Author:

Dr. Brian Couse is a family medicine physician at Methodist Physicians Clinic Red Oak. He enjoys practicing in a small town while making a difference throughout people’s lives.

“When patients call in, they know that we’ll be there for them and care for them from the beginning of an illness to the end of the illness, and from the early days as a newborn to the days possibly in a nursing home or on hospice care,” he said. “We will be there.”

He completed his undergraduate degree at Wayne State College and attended medical school at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. He has practiced in Red Oak since 2001. 

“Being from a small town myself, and my wife also being from a small town, Red Oak is very comfortable for us,” said Dr. Couse, who grew up in Falls City, Nebraska. “We enjoy the small-town lifestyle but still being close to a bigger city.”

Dr. Couse has three children and is active in school activities and volunteer coaching.

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