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Karen Meyer, MD

Karen Meyer

About the Author:

Dr. Karen Meyer emphasizes the importance of trust in patient relationships. It's important for her to assure children and their parents that they can come to her with any questions or concerns, and in turn they'll receive open and honest advice.

Dr. Meyer likes talking to children and helping them feel better. She says when a child comes up to her and gives her a great big hug it makes her day and melts her heart. She believes in treating children in a way that will help them understand why they aren't feeling well and what they can do to get better. She also works to build trust  with teenagers so she can help them make healthy choices.

“Teenagers especially need to trust that they can talk to you, and that you will be someone they can confide in and take care of their problems,” Dr. Meyer said. “If that trust isn’t there, they’re not likely to talk to you and tell you what’s going on.”

Dr. Meyer is a pediatrician at Methodist Physicians Clinic Hawthorne Court. In her free time, Dr. Meyer enjoys spending time with her family. She frequently attends her children’s various sporting activities while finding time to be an active member of her church.

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