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Sumit Mukherjee, MD

Sumit Mukherjee

About the Author:

As a young boy, Dr. Sumit Mukherjee loved the idea of being able to help and heal people. As he grew older, that desire blossomed into a passion for making a positive impact on his patients and in the community.

“What I try to think about on a daily basis is, ‘What decisions would I make if this was my family member?’ When I talk to patients. I ask them what their goals and wishes are, and I try to think about if I was in that situation personally, what decisions would I make about my loved one, my brother, mother or spouse? How would that conversation go for me? To really have that personal impact on a patient’s decision I think is The Meaning of Care.”

A physician specializing in pulmonology and critical care at Methodist Physicians Clinic Council Bluffs, Dr. Mukherjee is devoted to the care and well-being of every person. He strives to be a reliable source of information for patients and their families, answering any questions they may have. His mission is to ensure that patients know they are not alone, and he is right by their side for every difficult moment and every celebration.

In his free time, Dr. Mukherjee enjoys spending time with his family. As the father of two young and adventurous kids, he often spends his weekends finding new bike trails to ride and explore with them.

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