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Jeffrey Sartin, MD

Jeffrey Sartin

About the Author:

Dr. Jeffrey Sartin has been fascinated with science and medicine since childhood, and his natural curiosity to solve problems drew him to treating infectious diseases.

“But what I really like is making patients better,” said Dr. Sartin, an infectious disease physician at the Methodist Physicians Clinic Regency Infectious Disease/Travel Clinic.

Dr. Sartin has a wealth of experience. He has been a board-certified internist since 1989, and he became a board-certified infectious disease physician in 1992. He was an internist and infectious disease physician at Infectious Disease and Epidemiology Associates in Omaha for eight years before coming to Methodist.

He is especially experienced in travel medicine and treating orthopedic infections and HIV.

In his free time, Dr. Sartin enjoys playing guitar in a jazz band, woodworking, fly fishing, cycling and camping. In 2017 he was part of a humanitarian trip to Jamaica, where he worked in a low-cost clinic. He looks forward to returning to continue that work.

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