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Neil Hamill, MD

Neil Hamill

About the Author:

Dr. Neil Hamill, a maternal-fetal medicine specialist at Methodist Women's Hospital Perinatal Center, chose medicine because it’s where he thought he could make a positive impact with his skill sets.

“More specifically, I chose maternal-fetal medicine because of the unique challenges pregnancy presents,” he said. “No other specialty allows a physician to care for such a diverse array of conditions that affect two individuals, one of whom you can’t even communicate with.”

After graduating from the University of Kansas School of Medicine, Dr. Hamill completed his residency at the University of Kansas Hospital. He then went on to complete his fellowship at Wayne State University School of Medicine. He enjoys balancing the maternal needs with those of the fetus in complex situations and specializes in using two-, three- and four-dimensional ultrasound to identify fetuses at risk for genetic conditions, congenital anomalies and complications of growth.

Dr. Hamill enjoys spending his free time with his family and friends. He and his family particularly enjoy walks, bike rides and game nights. As a native Kansan, he has a passion for Jayhawk basketball (but he roots for Nebraska during football season).

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