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James Maliszewski, MD

James Maliszewski

About the Author:

Dr. James Maliszewski's exposure and fascination with medicine began early in his life. His father an internist and his mother a radiologist, Dr. Maliszewski saw the level of care and commitment his parents had to the well-being of others.

Inspired by their dedication, Dr. Maliszewski followed in his parents footsteps and became a physician who strives to make lasting connections with patients and their families. His goal is to understand what patients value most in order to provide them with effective and efficient care.

"My wheelhouse and my passion is really making connections with patients and their families," said Dr. Maliszewski. "I enjoy spending some time getting to know them and really learning from my patients before proceeding with whatever health care plan is best."

Dr. Maliszewski is an internal medicine doctor at Methodist Physicans Clinic HealthWest. He attended medical school and completed his internal medicine training at the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

In his free time, Dr. Maliszewski enjoys spending time with his family, frequently engaging in activities such as grilling, golfing, drawing, game nights, movies and baseball games.

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