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5 Life Hacks for Positivity During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Healthy Lifestyle

Published: April 27, 2020


Learning how to stay positive in negative situations helps toward living a healthy lifestyle. But even typically positive people are being tested by the stress of the COVID-19 pandemic. If you’re looking for help in focusing on the positive, here are five life hacks for this time of social distancing. 


Keep it positive

Surrounding yourself with positive people (and positivity online) will help you stay positive during this uncertain time. There are plenty of negative people out there – avoid them! Negative attitudes will only bring you down. Set the example. When you are positive, your friends and family will be encouraged to follow your lead. 


What are you grateful for? 

Even in the worst of times, most of us realize that we still have things in our lives for which we are grateful. Say it out loud! Practice gratitude. Keep a journal – maybe even a family journal. Talk about the things your entire family is grateful for. Develop a family mantra, and say it together at the start of every day. Actively acknowledging what you are all grateful for will help your family have grateful minds and hearts.


Be mindful

Do you constantly question your actions or beat yourself up mentally? Retrain your brain. The more you talk negatively to yourself, the more that negativity will become a part of you. Instead, practice the power of positive thinking. Any time a negative thought comes into your mind, replace it with a positive one. This will become more natural as your brain automatically turns a negative into a positive.


Exercise your mind

We know that exercise is good for our bodies, but what about our minds? Sure it is! It releases those natural endorphins that make us feel better. Exercise has physical as well as mental and emotional benefits. Getting active will keep your body in better shape and boost your self-esteem. Yoga can also help you learn to really focus. 


Embrace change

Many of us are resistant to change in our lives. That’s why social distancing is so taxing on everyone. We’re used to doing what we want when we want. But now we must learn to accept that we’re not in control. We must learn to adapt. We have to follow new rules. These changes are foreign to us and often limiting. 

So what can you do? No, you can’t travel where you want right now. Yes, you’re spending a lot of time at home with your family – in very close quarters. So let’s look for the positive. This is a chance for all of us to recalibrate and focus on what’s truly important. What’s more important than our family and friends? Nothing! Let’s learn to appreciate each other again. Relearn how to communicate. Stay connected. Once we put this negative situation into perspective, surely we can come out on the other side more appreciative, grounded and content. 


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Kelly Ethridge

About the Author:

Kelly Ethridge, MA, is grateful that her marketing career brought her to Best Care EAP, where she could use her profession to help improve people’s lives. 

She said: “Hearing from clients that what we do helped them – ‘You saved my marriage. You saved me.’ It’s really powerful when someone comes up to you at a health fair and says those exact words.”

Ethridge started at Best Care EAP in 2011 and coordinates communication and promotional activities for Best Care client companies. 

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